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45 Years of Deutscher Land Rover Club e.V. / „Rovertag“ at pentecost weekend 2020 near the town of Steinhagen, Country of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Deutscher Land Rover Club becomes 45 years old this year!

We will celebrate this at the annual „Rovertag“-event with a great party and are proud to invite all Land Rover friends to join our anniversary event at Steinhagen, country of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern!

The members of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern district of Deutscher Land Rover Club will run the event and are looking forward to your attendance.

D-18442 Steinhagen-Krummenhagen, Krummenhagener Str. 36
Offroad site Steinhagen / Motorsportclub Nordvorpommern
N 54.216324 E 013.025791

Pentecost weekend 2020
Arrival from Friday, May 29th 2020, 12:00
Departure: till Monday, June 1st 2020, 18:00


• Offroad-driving at site
• Offroad-training with our instructors
• Maintenance workshop for 90/110/Defender 1983-1998/four cylinder engine
• Navigation workshop
• Drum-workshop
• Birthday party with „Larkin“ (Folk & Rock)
• Offroad-trial
• Presentation of the new Defender
• Range Rover „Bowler“ demonstration
• Gymkhana
• Childrens program
• Roadbook-tours
• Club shop
• Bonfire / BBQ


• Fresh bread rolls
• Drinks
• Central BBQ
• Fresh water
• Toilets
• Showers
• Waste removal
• NO elektric power supply for campers/caravans
• NO facilities to empty/clean your camping toilets

Registration is mandatory! Last day for registration is May 17th, 2020
A booking form will be on our website soon,
or contact our office at [email protected]

Further information at [email protected]