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Hittade en pryl hos Ashcroft. The latest generation of the Compushift is here and its better than ever !

Brief Description of Operation.

The compushift is a stand alone ECU that allows you to control the electronic version of the ZF 4HP22/24, it takes various inputs from the vehicle and uses this data in conjunction with shift maps to decide when to shift, how hard to shift and when to lock the torque converter etc. Whats great about this system is that you can easily adjust all these variables yourself very easily using the free phone app. This is very nice for the LandRover and conversion world where you can have a variety of engines in different weight vehicles often doing very different jobs so you can adjust the transmission to suit how you want it to drive.

The ECU will need various inputs depending on the application :

Shifter position, the ECU needs to know which position the shifter is in, this can be done with either the Disco 2 XY switch or with our potentiometer system, Note the Disco 2 type switch can only be used on a Disco 2 V8 or TD5 autobox as these have a different selector shaft, marked with an ’O’ stamped on the end of the shaft.

Clean 12 Volt switched feed

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). The ECU needs to know the throttle position, this signal takes the form of a 0 – 5 V signal which can come from either the existing vehicle TPS if you are converting a TD5 or TDCi or you can use a small linkage connected to the throttle mechanism and use this to activate a separate small TPS. On EFI V8’s you can use the pot on the plenum chamber. On startup this needs to be calibrated but it’s very easy, you just press the relevant button on the ECU or display and you have 5 seconds to fully stroke the throttle to max and back to zero, the signal ”self calibrates”.

Manifold Air Pressure (MAP). The vehicle will drive better if its connected to the MAP sensor on diesels or the vacuum sensor on petrols if it has one, the Compushift will work without this input but will drive better with.

Temperature Sensor, this is used for 2 reasons, the shift pressures are adjusted depending on the oil temp to allow for the changing viscosity and if the system is used with the optional display you can monitor this temp and check for overheating. The sensor can be fitted to one of the diagnostic plugs in the pump housing, location will be in the fitting instructions.


We have helped develop the Compushift for the conversion of the 2007 onwards TDCi Defender to Automatic but it can be used anywhere the ZF 4HP22/24 EH is used, i.e. Defender TD5 conversions, 2.8 TGV auto conversions, V8 competition vehicles. You can easily add tiptronic control and have total control over the torque converter lockup clutch. This system is perfect for the conversion world as you can adjust all the variables to suit your application to get the vehicle driving as you want it to driv

Hawkeye med EAS adapter, VAG- Com, Syncmate P38 Diesel
Allsläpet 3,5 t, D1 300Tdi, Range Rover L322