Svar till: Cry For Help TD5 miss fire

Michael HandsMichael Hands

Hi Andrew,

Its reasuring to know I am not alone, thank you. I purchased the Landy in October, (200,000k) and have done a full 100k service, inluding filters. Around 205,000km I started getting a really loud noise from the fuel pump, after I degreased the engine. I changed the fuel filer again, with no effect. The nose seemed to be from air being sucked in around the fuel regulator, I guessed due to drying the gasket when I degreased. Some WD 40 and the noise stopped immediatly and never came back. I am using MANN filters.

I just took the cover off the ECU, dry as a bone, no oil. I really hate reliability faults like this, so I plan to order a new Engine loom. I was also just trawling the internet and wonder if it could be the high pressure side of the fuel pump, as the motor runs roughly but only at low RPM, it will not accelerate as before. I do have a new fuel air bleed valve, I can fit and will change fuel filter again at same time, nothing to lose. The only thing I do know for sure is I have oil coming out the red connector for the ECU.

all the Best Michael

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