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Svante LindSvante Lind

Hi Michael,
Thanks for such fast reply and very much for pics and link as well 🙂 !
Can´t tell the original colour of my springs, as she´s been rust protected by ”Rostskyddsmetoder” less than two year ago. By far the best rust-protection company in mid Sweden in my opinion – but the anti-rust cover erase all original appearances (including the ”paper tags” on all components. These were readable before the anti-rust treatment according to the previous owner)…
…so, measurements of the springs (front and rear) are just ”about”, I´ve taken off some half mm from the calipers reading to adjust for the anti-rust coating.

No sway bars mounted, have not been any either (just checked this with the previous owner).
As far as I understand, they use to have sway bars…?

The coils in the pics (you provided) seem to have equal distances at all the turns.
I can tell, my coils are progressive – as she (on pretty equal ground) rest on 4 of the 9 turns in the front suspension and 3 of the 8 turns in the rear (see pics). Her progressive coils make up for the absence of sway bars, and also helps to give her maximum abilities in rought terrain (obviously) – that make sense. Wonder if this could be one of the a OEM set up for ”government/fire department use” chassies, as she originally was ordered to ”Räddningstjänsten” (= Brandkåren) here in Sweden..?!?

I have to look in to this little more… as we are just the third (kind of) ”active” owner (= user) of the car. And I doubt the ”Räddningstjänsten” has de-mounted any sway bars nor rebuilt the car out of her building specs. Previous owner has done no changes to her mechanical structure (nothing to the suspension, neither engine, nor transmission).
They just added some nice acessories to the body, to make her little more useful for us civilians. 😉

So what we have is a fairly untouched lady – with some interesting details…
Thanks for all your inputs in the subject, so far. Guess we´ll see each other on one of the meetings… 🙂
Have a great day !
/ Svante

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