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Michael HandsMichael Hands

Hi Björn,

Welcome to the club, sorry writing in English but I can understand Swedish. Like you I was new Land Rover owner as of Oct 2020, with a 2002 90 TD5. As I have been working from home I have done almost all the work on my TD5 other than changing a clutch and swivel housing.

My advice, drop all oils, engine, transfer, gear box and axles and change all filters 2 x engine, air and fuel filter. Then flush brake, clutch and coolants, as Martin said be ready for leaks, my clutch and fuel pump packed up, steering pump and crank seals all started to leak. But then a Land Rover is not alive unless its leaking something. Its the only way to be sure if you do not have a service history and you will learn a hell of a lot in the process. I discovered metal in the clutch fluid, jelly in my fuel pump and water and grease contamination in the front axle. Yes, also give every nipple you find a good grease and use copious amounts of WD40 or other on your rusty rear cross member and out riggers, event if they do not look rusty they will be…

I would also get the wheels off have a good look at the brakes and give the bearings and suspension a good going over. I learnt a great deal from these guys and this guy they are both a bit bonkers but you can learn a great deal.

Finally advice, spend time to research the right oils. I would highly recommend using the recommended MTF for the gear box I tried SAE and it didn’t like it in the winter, -23 gear selection got bad… If you live up North like me put a sump heater on the engine and get a diesel heater installed, they were a God send.

Any way thats my advice. Sorry last point, pace yourself, one job at a time. Second advice order spares from Paddock and order twice as much as you need as it will not be enough and you will save on customs and postal charged. I have found Paddock fast, reliable and they use DHL so the kit arrives, unlike others I know. Parts with TNT and UPS I have found get lost, damaged and take weeks. Good luck.

Cheers Michael

P.S. I am doing more than one job at the moment, big mistake.

You do not own your Land Rover, you just maintain it for future generations.

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