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Michael HandsMichael Hands

Hi Henrik,

I am just waiting for some steering parts tomorrow, then I will take her for a test drive. Its a bit worrying having done so many jobs at the same time, something has to leak or fall off.

The breather pipe is from Allisport However, LMR SE do a lot of stuff, so you may well find something that would do the job,

I know exactly how far you are from me, as I brought my Landy near Lund, went down on my motor bike, then put it on a trailer and drove back, it was a long drive…
May be I will take a tour over to UK next year, spare parts trip : ) Will look you up.

Now to try and get the drop arm off the steering box.

Cheers Michael

You do not own your Land Rover, you just maintain it for future generations.

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