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ProfilbildHenrik Sonesson

So I finally jumped on to it…….but should have stuck to my basics and don´t repair anything that isn´t really broken!
Never the less as always with old stuff it´s a mess to loosen all nuts and bolts, take forever and all bolts seems to have been supplied with round heads from the beginning.

Realized that the oil return didn´t look at all as the version Michael showed previously in this thread, most likely changed at some point, no way to replace…….
Hoped that that was the big hurdle……but no……

When most things finally are assembled I realize that the banjo bolt on the oil feed doesn´t fit…..or reach, it´s short by a few millimeter……Shit again!
Can the oil feed hose be changed…….probably but I realize that it fastened BEHIND the centrifugal oil filter and is impossible to get to. In a desperate attempt I thought
but if you take of the lid on the filter it must work…….but NO!

So now my rolling project turned in to a project……….

Anybody that have an idea on how to remove the oil feed hose and/or the centrifugal filter.

Or if you have any other great ideas on how to resolve thís…..PLEASE!

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