Svar till: Turbo utbyte Td5

Michael HandsMichael Hands

Hi Henrik,

No problem happy help. I actually fitted a security switch to the fuel pump inertia switch which is under the bonnet next to the airfilter, see photo. I have a hidden switch in the cab so I can turn the pump off for added security. However, according to the site I referenced before fuze F4 in the underseat fuel box is for the pump. But I have never used this, but just pull it a listen to see if pump stops. You could try pulling the plug of the inertia switch, but I am not 100% if it is a normally open or closed circuit. But its only 2 wires so it will be one or another, I would expect normally closed.

Dont forget new copper washers on the turbo oil feed banjo bolts x 2 each.

Hope that helps.

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