Svar till: Raptor Paint Job

Michael HandsMichael Hands


I knew nothing about Land Rovers until I brought the 90 last year, despite driving them for years in the army. Doing the wheel bearings is not such a problem, but my advice is to get a spare hub, not so expensive, then fit the bearing races before you take the old hub off, can refurbish the old one in your own good time. see photos below. Make sure you clean out the old thread with a tap. Also dont event try to remove the half shaft flange bolts without a goot minute of heating until you see the grease start to bubble out the bolts. I striped several bolts to learn this.

I recommend checking what system you have lock nuts ot stake nut, I think stake nut on TD5. just take the end cap off the front axle and you can see. Stake nut looks like photo attached. Likely the same on all axles unless someone has been messing.

The stake nut system is a bit more tricky to set up, you will need a dial test indicator and a selection of spaces. I have laods so can help you there. Dont be tempted to use the old stake nut. Also I ground a small chisle down to open the old nut up. Shame you are not close would be happy to help.

Good Luck

P.S, No cheap bearings, get Timken
P.P.S. Change the disks while you have the hub off

You do not own your Land Rover, you just maintain it for future generations.