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This us a useful presentation by Mercedes-Benz

They describe the following down sides of using BiOs, So regular fuel filter and oil changes may help.

Examples of damage that can be caused by the use of biodiesel fuel
include the following:
• Clogging of fuel filter caused by soaps, which may be formed by
biodiesel components such as products of aging or products due to
production shortcomings, which may contaminate biodiesel blends.
• Clogging of fuel filter due to the growth of microbes in free water
containing biodiesel blends.
• Fuel gelling under cold climate conditions, because biodiesel may
have poor cold flow properties depending from the feedstock and
because additives in biodiesel and conventional diesel are sometimes
• Corrosion and sticking of low-and-high pressure fuel system
components such as pumps and injectors, especially after a long
storage period of the vehicle, due to the formation of sticky polymers
and acids during biodiesel aging/oxidation.
• Sludge formation in engine oil due to the formation of biodiesel aging
• Deposit formation on piston rings, oxygen sensors and exhaust gas
recirculation (EGR) system parts.

You do not own your Land Rover, you just maintain it for future generations.