SLRK Summer-Meet 2023 – Tuna Hästberg in Dalarna

300.00 kr

Ticket for the SLRK Summer Meet 2023!



*** This is for our international guests ***

The Swedish Land Rover Club welcomes all international Land Rover enthusiasts to our Summer-Meet 2023

Camping without electricity, grills are lit on Friday and Saturday. Shower and toilet are available at the campsite. Greenlaning on Friday and Saturday.


Registration for Greenlaning is done together with the registration for the event. Please specify if you want to go on Friday or Saturday, departure at 10:00 am, return around 2:00 pm. Lunch break with a nice view, bring your own packed lunch or have lunch on your own.

A simpler off-road area is available from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm every day.

Visits to the Adventure Mine and/or sauna in the mine are booked separately via their website The earlier the better for availability.

Simple lodging is available in the village house. First come, first served and booked via Niclas at phone number 0735-058088.

Welcome meeting at 7:00 pm on Thursday and Friday. Closing meeting at 7:00 pm on Saturday.

Nearest grocery store about 15 kilometers away. Nearest gas station about 10 kilometers away.

Registration is done in the membership registry.

Phone numbers:

Niclas 0735-058088
Per 070-3470438


The attendance fee is 300SEK/vehicle

We will update you with more details as we get closer to the event

Hope to see you there!

The fee is per attending Car. The camping fee is included


Datum: 2023-08-03

Starttid: 15:00