Disco 2 + 2 inch lift + cooper discoverer

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    Hi guys.
    Sorry min svenska inte bra so I’ll speak English.

    I’m selling my Landrover Disco 2 for spare parts and thought I’d offer it to you guys.

    I recently moved to Sweden and drove my disco 2 full of my belongings. The plan was to drive it back to the UK to get it MOT’d or register it as a Swedish vehicle but I didn’t manage to do either. Thus it’s no longer legal to drive in Sweden and now I’m moving house so have decided to sell it for parts. Sadly.

    I’ll be completely honest about the car so if you have interest feel free to ask questions…

    Right hand Drive.
    UK registered.
    207541 English miles.
    The engine is really solid and started all winter in -20 or lower degrees, with a bit of a splutter. In warm weather it starts on the button every time.
    No engine oil leaks!
    Windscreen good, a few small chips repaired less than 9k English miles ago.
    Paintwork good

    Terrafirma 2 inch lift / shocks + springs – 9k English miles ago.
    Cooper Discoverer tyres with lots of tread.
    Digital compass in rear view mirror
    Harman Kardon speakers all-round
    Steel side rails
    Rear seats are removed
    Sunroof is siliconed shut (to stop leaking)
    Upgraded Lights + Protective Covers

    NEW PARTS (Less than 9k English miles old)
    Fuel pressure regulator – Fitted – (Landrover part)
    Battery – Fitted
    Steering cross rod – Fitted – (Landrover part)
    1x Transmission Oil cooler pipe AUTO – Fitted – (Landrover part)
    1x Transmission Oil cooler pipe AUTO + Bracket – Brand new unfitted – (Landrover parts)
    Full set of bushes – 1 Fitted by previous owner – rest of the set brand-new and unfitted.
    Full set of water hoses – Fitted and new/unfitted 50/50
    Fuel Cooler O-rings – Fitted with a spare one unfitted.
    Rear brake discs and pads – Fitted
    Front brake pads – Unfitted

    There’s a slow oil leak on the Autobox. Either from the old oil cooler pipe or from the gasket
    Needs new fan belt
    Some damage to fan belt runners from the belt breaking – all fixable
    Front bumper is damaged from skidding into ploughed snow.
    Rear bumper details missing (see photos)
    Small scrape on the passenger side rear (see photos)
    A few small dents on a couple of doors but bodywork mainly very good.

    Thanks for looking!


    I don’t know what it would be worth to you guys here in Sweden but if anyone is interested please let me know with an offer.


    ProfilbildKarl Edfors

    Where about is the Disco parked at currently?
    Is it drivable?


    Hi, The car isn’t drivable till the fan belt is replaced.

    It’s located in Lindefallet, between Hudiksvall and Soderhamn


    anything left of this?


    Discovery II -99 V8

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