Engine light wont go off

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    Greetings everyone,
    2008 Defender puma, which has had the engine light on for a year now.
    It went through the EGR valve cleaning for a while, then it crawled and black smoke occured when cold, and now runs just perfect.
    It’s that time again to ask for help.
    My engine light is on and I can’t pass besiktning.
    I cleaned the MAP sensor, also the one by the air filter as well but no change.
    I tried removing the EGR valve and when I reached the 4th screw it simply would not catch, it seems it is worns around the edges!
    I do have a bit of whistle sound when pushing but nothing major and can’t see any leakes around turbo.
    I do see some leak on the MAP unit and retightend everything after cleaning.
    All hoses seems fine.
    I of course bought a OBD to reset the engine light but besiktinig people turned it back on!
    Any ideas whatelse I can do?
    Many thanks for your help!


    You should reda out the ECU error codes To get a hint. Where do you live?


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Visar 2 inlägg - 1 till 2 (av 2 totalt)
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