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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry that I’m writing this message in English, I hope to be able to write in Swedish soon!

    We’re currently living in The Netherlands with a bunch of Landy’s, including two Series 1’s. A 1953 80” and a 1957 109”. We’re planning to bring these over with us to Sweden when we’re moving.

    I’d love to get to know more Series 1 owners! Are there any S1 specific events? Would love to find more about the history in Sweden too!

    Thank you!
    Laurens de Smet

    ProfilbildHenrik Sonesson

    Welcome to Sweden, where are you moving to more specifically?
    I´m not a Series 1 owner but I think you found the correct forum to find other owners in Sweden.

    90 Td5 -99
    88 - 67

    Peter HanssonPeter Hansson

    Do not think I have seen a specific Series 1 meeting, but you are for sure welcome to join SLRK and the community of all Land Rovers.

    Series 1’s are always catching attention at meetings 🙂

    Serie IIa 109" 2,25 Diesel 1963
    Serie IIa 109" 2,25 Bensin 1970
    Freelander 2 Td4
    Serie IIa 88/109" 1966 reservdels lager 🙂
    Bor mitt i underbara Skåne

    Distrikt skåne

Visar 3 inlägg - 1 till 3 (av 3 totalt)
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