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Many of us are fluent in English, some German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish etc. You are welcome to write in whichever language you use daily, however writing in English, you will get a quicker response
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    I’m a traveller and filmmaker from Poland currently researching an expedition to the north of Sweden and Finland, planning for Late March 2022. I drive a Defender 110 (TD5) which is converted into a mini-camper. I’ve been making YouTube videos about my 4×4 travels on my channel Eva zu Beck.

    I’d love to get some advice from you experienced winter drivers about the best ways to prepare my Defender for winter conditions on your roads. I have a feeling like my Mud Terrain tyres aren’t going to perform very well in Sweden’s snowy conditions 😉
    What tyres would you suggest, and is there any chance I could change my tyres somewhere around Stockholm? I’m thinking of leaving my tyres in a workshop, picking up new ones before heading north, and then exchanging them again on my way back.
    Any tips or ideas welcome 🙂
    Thank you,


    This is a big question, like how long is a piece of string.
    Thee easy part first:
    Winter Tires? Yes!
    Especially spring/winter is tricky with potentially positive temperatures in the day, melting snow and causing water in the road and freezing in the night.
    Change tires around Stockholm is a good idea. you might even borrow/rent wheels from someone. Such as us…

    If you are planning on exploring roads with lot’s of snow you might even consider snow chains.

    For winter camping, the first thing that comes to mind is heating. How do you heat it?
    Then look over engine coolant and screen wash fluid
    door locks, special cold weather oil/defreezing fluid. Available in most fuel stations here
    I especially hate the fuel filler lock, so for winter I use a non-locking fuel filler cap. Others have success in unlocking even in cold weather, using the lock fluids as above.

    This is a starting point.


    Hi Tobias! Thanks for all the considerations and the tips.
    Yes, I have a diesel heater so the inside temperature should not be a problem. And good to know about the fluids, I can investigate that some more.
    In terms of tyres: I will spend most of the time travelling on main roads, but would love to have the option to travel on secondary/smaller roads, so snow chains will be a great add-on.
    But for the main roads: if I wanted to borrow or rent winter tyres from you guys, how would that work? 🙂 I’d love to find out more!
    Thank you!



    Hi Eva,

    Do you know about the Land Rover Free Camp site, (

    There are a few north of Stockholm.

    Kind regards


    Eva, Sent PM

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