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    [Originally posted by senihol]

    SLRK got a mail from Paul as he needs some advice for a planned trip to see northern Canada in the wintertime!
    I publish the letter here so members can give advice:

    I’ve done a lot of road travel over the last 10 years, but never into the Arctic.
    I’m 65 now and would really like to see the Arctic Ocean.
    In November this year Canada will complete an all season road to replace the ice road into Tuktoyuktuk, 4,000 kms from Vancouver.
    I was hoping to drive this in late December thru early January.

    The vehicle I’ve traveled in for the last 10 years is my Land Rover Defender. It is diesel and has twin fuel tanks giving me a range of about 1,000 kms.

    I wonder if you could help me with a few questions related to the cold temperatures.
    1) Do you utilize a diesel additive in the very cold weather?
    2) Do you set your tire pressures softer for travel on snowy gravel roads?
    3) I can comfortably drive an 8-10 hour day, what would you set as a reasonable distance to achieve each day on snow covered roads?
    4) My truck is fully equipped with food, water, stove, safety equipment (flares etc.) I was thinking of adding a diesel furnace like the Semi’s have so it could stay warm 24/7 what do you think?
    5) Any other tricks?

    Thank you for helping me with any info you may have.
    Warm regards,

    ProfilbildSLRK Forum

    [Originally posted by Klas]

    Hi Paul. What an exciting journey you should do.
    Four years ago, I traveled through Canada, the goal was to visit all points in the East, West and North. Inuvik was the point that was furthest north and had a summer road. I traveled all the summer from May to the end of August.
    I never came to Inuvik, the road was closed from Eagel plateau. A bridge had been flushed away. I wish there had been a road to Tuktoyuktuk.
    1. I need additive in the diesel when it is cold for the paraffin to not fall out. Here in Sweden, the gasoline company blends in the additive during winter time. I think it is the same in Canada. But keep in mind that you may have filled the spar reservoirs under warmer conditions.
    2. I have the same tire pressure summer and winter but I have winter tires that are narrower and have a double.
    3. You can drive for 10 hours a day, but it may only be daylight 3 to 4 hours a day. I think Tuktoyuktuk is so far north that the sun never rises in January. If I was not used to winter driving, (konstig översättning) I would never make that trip in the winter.
    4. Never skidding me on such a trip without a big diesel powered cup heater that is not engine dependent.
    5. Your car has diesel for 1000km. There is 800km of gravel road from the crossing / turn off road to Inuvik. There is diesel at Eagel plateau if it is not over. Between Inuvik and Tuktoyuktuk it is 1200km. I do not know if it is possible to tank. I recommend at least 100 liters in reserve tank
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