Welcome to the official website of the Swedish Land Rover Club – SLRK

SLRK is an established non-profit organization gathering owners and enthusiast of Land Rover vehicles in Sweden. Krister Bergknut founded the club in 1987 and he is now an honorary member with the membership number #1.
The Land Rover brand tend to attract people who appreciate outdoor experiences, adventures or traveling but SLRK are open for anybody with an interest in the brand. Our goal is to gather a cross-section of the population. We have men, women and entire families among our members. Our ambition is that club activities should be fun and challengening regardless if you partcipating as individual or family and regardless of the Land Rover you are driving. SLRK’s member fleet consists of both new, old and vintage cars.
SLRK’s ambition is to inspire and help members to get the most out of their cars. One of our most popular resources is the SLRK forum, which allows members and non-members to share their experiences and advice on a wide range of technical issues, along with event planning, classifieds and general discussions.
At the SLRK forum you will also find our international area where we normally communicate with Land Rover owners visiting Sweden, just having a question or have some mechanical issues. If you browse through older threads you will find a number of success stories that is the best sign of how the Land Rover community assist fellow explorers.

It is also possible to contact Patrik Edfors or Per Carsing, our representativs for international contacts.